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The Concept

February 26, 2013

When it all goes Sideways… and some day it will because of a Natural Disaster, Civil Unrest, Biological Threat, Grid Down….  You’ll need A Safe Place To Go! Lets take a look at a few of the requirements for ASPTG:

  1. It must be close enough for you to get to – less than 1 tank of gas from where you live
  2. It must be far enough away that it keeps the masses away – about 1 tank of gas from where you live
  3. It must have people with diverse skills, assets and resources to provide for all your needs
  4. It needs to have infrastructure to support you and your family 1 day or 10 years
  5. It needs to be portable. able to move away from danger and toward safety
  6. You need to be trained to use the infrastructure so that no time or resources are squandered
  7. There must be 1,000 people just like you who can work together to thrive!

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