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About A Safe Place To Go

A Safe Place To Go is a network of facilities across The Nation where Americans can go if they ever need to leave their homes… Earthquakes in California, Hurricanes in the South or the East Coast, Blizzards in the North, Civil Unrest, The Electrical Grid breaking down, the Power going Out and never coming back on, Nuclear Power Plant meltdowns, Bio Hazards, Civil Unrest, the Collapse of the Dollar, etc….  In an interview, relocation specialist, Joel Skousen, mentioned a key factor that everyone should keep in mind: Almost everyone will survive the initial event, no matter how bad it is… the real survival event will begin about 3 days later when millions of people begin to compete for limited resources. At 7 days people will become desperate and will do anything to get the resources they need… at 14 days they’ll do unspeakable things… you won’t want to be anywhere near that scene because no matter how many bullets or beans you have… they won’t be enough! Where will you go “When it All Goes Sideways?”

Many factors will contribute to the success of this project:

  • It’ll be Super Affordable – only a 1/1,000th of the cost of a private retreat
  • Strategically located facilities to support Americans near their homes and work
  • Comprehensive training in important areas that’ll keep you safe, fed and comfortable
  • Network of tens of thousands of Partners who are equally trained and prepared
  • Mobil facilities that can be relocated to maximize efficiency
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